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Willner Chemists Introduces New Specialty Health Products

By pHresh Products

Mar 26

Greenville, DE – pHresh Products are the developers and distributors of pHresh greens. pHresh greens is the first raw green alkalizing superfood supplement in which 3 – 4 servings of raw greens are found in just one teaspoon. pHresh greens is sold in such retailers as Fairway Market, Wild By Nature, Mrs. Greens, Willner Chemists, Earth Origins, Alka Pi, NrGize café (located inside LA Fitness), Iavarone Bros, Alliance MMA, and Mothers Market. pHresh Products is proud to announce that Willner Chemists (, the oldest and largest nutritionally oriented Pharmacy in North America since 1911, is now carrying the pHresh Products line.

Willner Chemists is located in Manhattan, NY and has become known as the place to go when you want authoritative, accurate answers to supplement and health questions, rather than sales pressure and hype. Willner Chemists has an incredibly high number of professionals available to consult with customers including twelve licensed, nutritionally oriented Pharmacists that are on staff full time and six nutritionists. The shelves are fully stocked, with a broad selection of hard to find professional product lines as well as general “health food” product lines such as pHresh Products. Their product line includes pHresh greens and pHresh strips: the first narrow range pH testing strips.

About pHresh Products

“Maintain Health … Not Sickness” That’s their motto. It’s the reason why they are committed to inspire well-being (from the inside out). They strive from smiles and profit from positive results for their consumers.  They hold health and happiness in their hearts in everything they do.  pHresh Products is more than just a company they are a family. They hold teamwork in the highest regard and in doing so they have built up a positive community around them.  pHresh Products is very dedicated to their mission to change the world, through proper education and nutrition.

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