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"ENJOY and EXPLORE all that EARTH has to provide!"
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Liana Werner-Gray is a sought-after speaker and advocate for natural healing using a healthy diet and lifestyle.

She is the author of the best selling book The Earth Diet published by Hay House, a recipe book that has helped thousands of people drop excess weight, and improve and in some cases even entirely heal conditions such as cancer, diabetes, addictions, depression, acne, heart disease, obesity and more. After 5 years of being a junk food addict, Liana had the wake up call of her life. At 21 a tumor the size of a golf ball popped in her neck. Desperate for healing, plus being sick and tired of the vicious cycle, she declared her junk food days over and created a blog for 365 days to eat only real organic foods that earth provides naturally. This blog held her accountable to stick to a consistently healthy lifestyle and break her toxic habit. The blog has since developed into her company The Earth Diet, Inc. which mostly assists people in finding recipes that work for them. In April 2013 Liana signed a book deal with the worlds largest book publishers for self empowerment, Hay House. Liana will now join other authors including Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Bruce Lipton and Deepak Chopra in traveling the world speaking at events and helping to improve the lives of others. Liana is considered one of the youngest experts in health and healing today and her philosophy works for everyone; nutrition in, toxins out. Liana was born and raised in Australia. She mostly grew up in Outback Australia, in a small town called Alice Springs. At a young age Liana learned from aboriginal elders how to live naturally from what the land provides. In her final year of schooling at Charles Darwin University she received the schools awards for the arts the Liana Nappi award. In 2009 Liana was named Miss Earth Australia by People’s Choice, the 3rd largest beauty pageant in the world. During the same competition she was also awarded Best In Environmental Speech, Green Achievers and Innovators Award. Liana has also starred in films and received international praise and awards. Her first work was on children’s television show Yamba’s Playtime. She continues to work in the entertainment business as well as live a promoting a healthy lifestyle. Her dream is to inspire others to live their healthiest life and remember that health is paradise. Liana began lecturing and teaching about the Earth Diet globally in 2010. She also teaches raw and cooking classes, mentors people one on one and has fed many people her recipes. She now resides in New York City.

1. What motivates you? Being healthy and feeling good motivates me. Being able to eat ridiculously delicious decadent foods that are loaded with nutrients motivates me!  I realize that Health is paradise, and that motivates me! Hearing testimonials from people who are using my recipes to improve their quality of life especially motivates me! 2. Describe a difficult work you were in and how you overcame it? When I was 17 I became addicted to junk food. I started out eating a lot of junk food one day and saying to myself “I’ll be healthy tomorrow.” So I would starve myself the next day or do a juice and water fast. The next day I would crave junk foods again and I would binge on them and eat so much that I felt so sick. I became extremely disempowered and started to really dislike myself. I continued this habit for years and at the 5 year mark I realized I was in a vicious cycle. I always thought “this isn’t it yet” and I kept telling myself one day I would wake up and never crave junk foods again. Then one day I had a major wake up call when a tumor popped in my neck! With tests I learned it was a pre-cancerous tumor! I knew I had to use this opportunity to cut junk foods out of my life once and for all, and start living a healthy lifestyle. So I declared my junk food addiction over and started a blog where I journaled for 365 days about eating ONLY foods that earth provided naturally. I put so much nutrition into my body, and so many toxins came out. I self healed the tumor and am healthy 6 years later and now teach natural foods and nutrition to people all around the world. I overcame the addiction using nature and now I have a completely different relationship with food and a much more loving relationship with myself! 3. What are your goals for the future? 1. To go on a 12 month book tour for The Earth Diet in 2015. 2. To build a global franchise Earth Cafe using Earth Diet recipes. Healthier fast food! 3. To be part of major motion films that promote health, action and empowerment. 4. To have my own cooking show inviting great guests on! 5. To build my own sustainable earth friendly home! 4. What’s your favorite snack? My chocolate balls or cashew cheesecake! I also love simple snacks like macadamia nuts and raspberries. 5. What is your favorite quote? “Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.” Jim Rohn

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