Cody Pate


"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today."

A culinary arts professional who is passionate and knowledgeable about cuisines worldwide and the use of organic ingredients from farm to table. Coty travels the world sharing knowledge to bring others together with his love of cooking.

Growing up, Coty was an avid swimmer looking to go to national championships.  However, his joy of cooking beckoned him to fulfill his dream of becoming a top chef at an early age.  He began his cooking experiences in his home kitchen at the young age of 13 making delectable cookies, cakes, truffles, tortes and much more. He was also ‘hired’ at the age of 14, from local ladies in the Memphis area, to make their desserts for Ladies Luncheons.   His first fine dining preparation was a 4 course dinner at the age of 15 in which he had to create a menu, purchase ingredients and prepare a meal from scratch.  He made a Tuscany style flat bread with peppercorns, garlic and thyme, stuffed veal, braised potatoes with marinara sauce, sauteed vegetables in truffle oils all served with a tossed salad and completed his presentation with an upside down trifle cake!  A few years later, Coty abandoned his love of swimming to ‘dive’ right in to the deep sea of foods. He went on to enhance  his skills in Arizona, New Jersey,  France,  Branson, MO, and Eureka Springs, AR.

His education includes a bachelor program with a hospitality and restaurant management, and culinary major through the Art Institute of Phoenix,  where he was trained from 1 master chef of the world as well as numerous other highly qualified chefs from around the wolrd. He continued his extensive training in Lyon, France.  While in France,  Coty had the opportunity to study under one of France’s top chefs. He was also the first American Chef to be hired at a top hotel in Lyon, France. He has traveled the world to embrace cultures to combine cuisines to delight your taste buds.

What motivates you? 

My love for life, traveling, cooking and desire to show people the ease of a farm to table lifestyle.

Describe a difficult situation you were in and how you overcame it?

I was born with a life threatening disease that doctors said was not curable. As my mom sought out other means to cure my disease, I kept my head up and lived my life as if I didn’t even have a disease. I played many sports in my early childhood years, and then went on to swim competitively for 5 years. All while undergoing countless doctor visits and surgeries. Even through all the surgeries I continued to live as I didn’t even have a life threatening disease. I continued on with my life goals, dreams, and ambitions. After my mom found a doctor from Europe practicing holistic procedures in Denver I was then cured of the disease after a total of 9 procedures and trips to Denver, CO. After being cured I felt no different, because through my entire life I have lived as if the disease were not even a part of me. I went on with my dreams and goals which led me to culinary school where I enhanced my passion and skills in the culinary arts. Now I am a successful personal chef that travels all around the country continuing to educate people how important an all natural and organic lifestyle is to our health.

What are your goals for the future? 

To travel around the world learning different cultures’ philosophy on food, farming, and way of life.

What’s your favorite snack? 

Chocolate is hands down my favorite snack. I will usually eat any chocolate, however, the darker the better and with peanut butter.

What’s your favorite motivational quote?

“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.” – James Dean

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