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Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

By pHresh Products

Apr 23

When is the last time you left your Comfort Zone?

When was the last time that you stepped out of your comfort zone and worked on something that REALLY challenged you?  When you felt uncomfortable?  When you were in ‘uncharted territory’ for yourself?

We don’t progress and we don’t change when we stay in our comfort zones.

NJ Success

This applies to EVERYTHING in life.

  • We don’t get better bodies withoutprogressing and changing our workouts.
  • We don’t get healthier without changing our poor habits and making better choices.
  • We don’t create better relationships without putting in effort and choosing to surround ourselves with the right people.
  • We don’t ADVANCE in our work environment or business without continually progressing, learning and accepting new challenges AND
  • MOST CERTAINLY don’t advance towards our personal GOALS without stepping out of our comfort zone and working on things that challenge us.

Comfort zones are COMFORTABLE but they do NOTHING to help us advance towards our goals.

Don't expect to see a change if you don't make one

I challenge myself with my body all of the time and I remind myself regularly with my business and life goals to STEP OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE and challenge myself.

I have been working on the toughest project of my entire career for the past few months.

It challenges me, it creates doubts, it frustrates me , it beats me up some days (like yesterday)and it makes me humble.


Why do I continue?

Because I KNOW that with these experiences comes welcome change and THAT is how we reach our goals.

Oh and about this project…the one that humbles me, I can’t wait to share it with you!

Are you curious, even just a little bit?

If so, and you want to get on a special ‘first to know’ list, then CLICK HERE, and stay tuned in the coming weeks for the ‘big announcement’ from me.   This is something that a LOT of people have been asking for…and I am very excited to deliver it to you!

STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE and work on something that CHALLENGES yourself this week!  I know I have…

Excuses or Solutions…YOU Decide!!

– Natalie Jill

About Natalie Jill

Natalie Jill helps people across the globe reach their health, fitness, life and business goals. Natalie is a well-known Licensed Sports Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer who was diagnosed as having Celiac Sprue over 12 years ago, and that is why she specializes in weight loss consulting and helping people with food allergies and intolerance’s. Learn how Natalie handled adversity and find out how she “made her own luck”.Ready to change your life today? Start by CLICKING HERE. To know more about Natalie Jill, you can visit her Google+ Profile.

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