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The Reason Why You’re Gaining Weight Rapidly

By pHresh Products

Jul 16

If you’re gaining weight rapidly….

It might be the sugar! Im talking about processed refined sugar in junk foods! Many health advocates believe it is impossible to gain weight from just eating fruits alone! When we look at people who live a natural life compared with people who consume chemicals and processed food that is high in refined sugar, it is clear the difference in appearance and energy.

Refined sugar can cause instant weight gain.

It is very hard for the body to digest high amounts of refined sugar. Natural sugars from fruits and plants are ok, as long as that is your only sugar source! When you eat any refined sugar, along with fruits it’s too much sugar. The goal is to cut out processed refined sugar altogether. This can be a difficult task, I know I’ve been there! But can be done! There is no nutrition in refined processed white sugar for example, or aspartame, it just causes acidity and inflammation immediately in the body.
It’s about implementing steps in your life to reduce the refined sugar and replace it with real sugar!!!
I was absolutely addicted to sugar from Lollies like Gummi bears, processed chocolate and ice cream. So I replaced it with healthier versions of those!!! Now I buy fruit roll ups instead of Gummi bears! Or I make my own fruit roll ups even better! I eat raw chocolate and cashew ice cream. I am fulfilled. So all of the excess weight I had from junk foods left me since I was no longer feeding the habit!
Being healthy should always be our goal! It doesn’t matter what we look like as long as we are healthy! Because then we will always look healthy!
If your just giving up on processed sugar now, In the beginning you may need to replace them with a lot of healthy desserts and sweets to fulfill the cravings! But that will be a giant upgrade!!! It is worth investing in the health of yourself and your family!!!
Let me know if I can help you find recipes! I like to make cookies, cakes, ice cream, smoothies and chocolate and cheesecake!!!! Go to my website and type what dessert you are looking for in the search bar and a recipe will come up! Print and download for free!
Remember my new book is coming out this October just in time for the Holidays and is filled with dessert recipes!!!
There is a solution for you, just a matter of finding which one works!!! 🙂
The body will work with you, Given it is being nourished and not deprived!!!
Let me know how you go becoming refined sugar free! I know it sucks to be addicted to junk food sugar because it provides us with no nutrition, just emptiness and guilt! So there is no need for it anymore! 
You can now be proud of the sugars you do put into your body! 
Love Liana 

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