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pHresh Products™ Celebrates a Life-saving Miracle

By pHresh Products

Feb 17


pHresh Products™ celebrates the success of their first life saving mission through the Gift of Life International. Throughout the past few months, pHresh Products™ and all of their loyal and loving followers have collaborated to raise funds to facilitate a much needed heart surgery for Jaime de la Cruz. Jaime is a two year old boy from El Salvador. At birth, he was diagnosed with a life-threatening congenital heart defect that hindered his growth and left him in a desperate need of this surgery. Jaime’s parents struggle to provide food and shelter for their three children. Making only seven dollars a day, they work around the clock just to make sure their basic needs are met and to ensure their family survives. Knowing that their child’s life hangs in the balance, his parents prayed for a miracle.

pHresh Products™ has been committed to their mission to sponsor Jaime through their partnership with the Gift of Life International Charity. This mission has been inspired by these words from GOLI Executive Director, Rob Raylman: “Together we can change the world… one little heart at a time.” pHreshProducts™ and all of their members are truly honored and excited to be part of such an amazing world-wide endeavor.Jaime’s open heart surgery was performed in El Salvador at Hospital Bloom on February 12th 2014 by the Salvadorian Surgical team without any complications. His family is thankful that their prayers have been answered.

pHresh Products™ remains grateful to all of its patronswho, through their loving contributions, made this mission possible . Everyone from distributors, retailers, and customerscontributed to Jaime’s operation fund. For every unit sold,pHresh Products™ donated a portion of the proceeds to the Gift of Life International.. Donation bins were also placed in various locations as part of the fundraising efforts.

pHresh Products™ is a growing company whose main purpose is to “Maintain Health… Not Sickness” and inspire well-being from the inside out. They promote proper nutrition and pH balance through their exclusive brand of products. The Gift of Life International Charity is a global organization who provides life- saving surgeries to children in need all around the world. To date, the Gift of Life has saved over 10,000 children worldwide, and this number continues to grow.

To learn more about pHresh Products™ and the Gift of Life International visit them on the web:

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