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Liana helped save this little boy’s life!

By pHresh Products

Dec 3

Liana has helped change and even save thousands of people’s lives through her Earth Diet recipes. This has included helping people heal their cancer, diabetes, depression, acne and other health issues. But this little boy’s story is unique. Liana has been part of a team that are contributing to help save this little boy’s life through a life changing surgery. You can also be part of it.

Jamie is a two-year-old boy from El Salvador and was diagnosed with a life-threatening congenital heart defect at birth, something that doctors say only surgery can fix. Jamie’s condition left him in a desperate situation and in need of am expensive surgery. His family earn $7 a day and there was no way for them to afford the surgery to save Jamie’s life. Howard Hoffman the CEO of Phresh Greens decided to contribute a % of each product sold to go towards Jamie’s life. Gift Of Life International are the organization that are the ones who help raise $ and organize the children’s surgery. Liana jumped on board immediately and also started to sell Phresh Greens, also contributing a portion to Jamie’s surgery. Together, this team has raised enough money to go ahead with his life changing surgery! You can also be part of it, by either donating straight to Gift Of Life OR ordering a Phresh Product.

Jamie’s surgery is in December 2013.

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CEO of Phresh Products, Howard Hoffman “We at pHresh Products are so excited that we are saving our 1st Child Jaime! We could have not done it without you! For all of our customers, store owners and everyone who supports us … Jamie is your child as well! We would like to say Thank You from the bottom of our hearts! We can change the world together …. One little heart at a time! Thank you for being pHresh!”


Howard Hoffman “For all of you that supported me from the beginning … I would like to give you my deepest gratitude … And say THANK YOU! Together we ARE changing the world! … One little heart at a time! — with Rob Raylman and Robbie Donno.”

Others who were part of this contributing team include Organic Corner, The Water Well, Dr Leonard Coldwell, Organic Guru Lynette Pate and Jean Weiss.
Howard Hoffman, CEO Phresh Products


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