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Jun 4

I want to share a really great website with you today called impactsUimpactsU celebrates people who have made a positive impact on your life. It is a site dedicated to the sharing of personal stories and messages of gratitude with individuals and the world. It’s an absolute gem! It is 100% dedicated to creating a community of sharing stories of how people have impacted and inspired our lives. I have loved browsing through the stories people have shared, especially if I am having a rough day. It’s amazing how small acts of kindness, generosity, or just a few caring words can totally change a persons life. We underestimate the power of a hug, the impact of a phone call, the change that a random act of kindness can make.

I’m so grateful that a site like this exists. I actually want to add a few of my own stories in the future. Some of the most impactful people in my life have been you guys, my clients and my readers. People who came to me at the end of their rope, exhausted, defeated, and lost. I’ve had the pleasure of watching you face your fears, push through the pain, get real with yourselves and go for it. You’ve shown up for yourselves on a daily basis and in doing so, you’ve changed your lives and continue to change your lives each day! I am so blessed to know all of you!! I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been feeling low and gotten an uplifting message, tweet, or FB comment of someone sharing their story with me and thanking me. What you may not realize is that you guys inspire me 1,000 times more than I could ever inspire you. I am continually in awe of your beauty and strength.

I absolutely love what I do and I love working with all of you amazing people! I am so grateful that we can share this space together and try to be better people for ourselves and the people around us. Life can be so overwhelming at times but in supporting each other we make it better. We can go through challenges together, celebrate together, and triumph together!

I want share another inspiring story with you. I want to introduce you to Jean. Jean reached out to me on Facebook last month and shared her story with me:

“I was looking in to having the gastric bypass but I don’t have health insurance so I couldn’t afford it. My nurse practitioner put me on a diet and it had helped me lose 140lbs but I still have 130lbs more to go. July of 2012 I ended up in the hospital due to a blood clot in the right lung. And boy was that an eye opener.  I’ve never had anything wrong with my health other than being, as my nephew calls it, fluffy duffy. Then in March of 2013 I joined planet fitness and I was going every single day. Then in may I had a colonoscopy and found out that I had to have surgery. I had my appendix removed and partial colon due to precancerous cells all over the exit of the colon into the appendix.  So another scare within a years time :(. After the surgery my Dr. told me I couldn’t go to the gym for 8 wks so now I’ve been struggling to get  back into the gym. But now its a new year and I’ve started back and my goal is to lose 130 🙂  I’ve been overweight my whole life and I’ve gone through so much in my life. Since we spoke I’ve been drinking this green stuff now for about 3 wks thursday and I’ve lost 14 pounds. I’m now in a size 1x jogging pants pants from a 3x. Woo hoo. I have to go buy new jeans because the ones I just bought in dec I told you about are too big! :)”

Below are Jean’s before and after photos. The left is from a few years ago and the right is just this Christmas. In that span of time she’s lost 140 lbs!! Jean still has some more weight to lose and was recently inspired by Joe Cross of the documentary Fat Sick & Nearly Dead (watch it freeHERE) and is currently doing her first juice cleanse! Jean doesn’t have a lot of people to support her through her current journey so I thought I would reach out to you guys to help me in cheering her on until she meets her goal! Leave Jean a comment in the comments section below and let her know how her story has impactedU.

A story of ongoing transformation and inspiring stories recognizing everyday heros.

If you have someone in your life that has made a difference, inspired you, believed in you, taken a chance on you, please share your story over at Lets continue to spread the love, positivity and gratitude so desperately needed in the world right now! If you have a story of transformation please share it with me! I would love to share them with the group here on the blog! Shoot me an email with your story and before & after photos if you have them. I’m going to post my own story with lots of before and after photos in the near future. I think it is wonderful for all of us to come together, share, learn, and grown from each other’s experiences!

Lots of love to you all!! xoxo

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