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pHresh greens® Product Reviews

I drink pHresh greens® daily for cellular nutrition! I get all my greens in one drink for the day! I feel energized and it is the perfect travel on the go companion!

Author of The Earth Diet & Health Advocate – Liana Werner-Gray

I have now had three servings of the greens. This is an AMAZING product! I feel the shift immediately. My skin feels different, my energy level has spiked, and I feel a sense of clarity. Even better, I love the taste, so I just drink it with my water throughout the day. I normally don’t like green products for the reason of the grassy taste, but I don’t get that at all with this product. So you have an incredible win here, with great effects and phenomenally clean taste! Super! PhD, Author & Nutritonal Biochemist – Dr. Deanna Minich

pHresh greens® is hands down my favorite powdered greens out there! I get all my greens and power packed super foods regardless of where I am. Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer & Author of the Get Lean Gluten Free Cookbook – Jeremy Scott

If you are not eating your greens then you must get this. They are easy to drink, tastes pleasant, no weird after taste or indigestion like some green powders. Yay good job pHresh greens®! Actress & Author of The Kind Diet – Alicia Silverstone

When I use pHresh greens® I’m amazed at the HIGH nutrient content my body receives! All my super green foods in one teaspoon and never waiving my strict standards of whole foods! Author of Fuel For the Body & Health Advocate – Lynnette Pate

I’m absolutely in LOVE with pHresh greens®. pHresh greens® is one of the highest quality greens supplements I have come across! pHresh greens® is a difference you can feel and that’s why I love it! Nutrition Coach & Author of Green Smoothie Detox – Linda Wagner

I use pHresh greens® in my protein shake every morning. I really like that it is a 100% Raw, alkalizing super food. Celebrity Trainer, Speaker & Author of the Body Express Makeover – Michael George

As a Licensed Sports Nutritionist, weight loss expert, fitness personality, and mom, I fully endorse pHresh greens® for not only my clients but for my family! Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer & Author of Stay Lean Recipes  – Natalie Jill

pHresh greens® is the best greens and is the one supplement I never stop taking. Nutritionist, MMA Trainer & Fighter – Eric Uresk

With all the demands of being a busy mom, fitness competitor, Radio & TV Fitness Coach, I make sure to stay energized with the help of pHresh greens®! Celebrity Trainer, TV Fitness Personality & Author of Tight Tone Tummy – Adriana Martin

I’m not one to go to doctors but I was suffering so badly from extreme stomach pain. Pain where I would be curled in a ball. I went to the doctor toonly be prescribed “acid reflux medication,” this of course did nothing to help me. After some researching and 3 days of taking PHresh greens I felt like a new person. My family and friends and clients even saw the difference in me and they are all hooked now too and reap all the benefits the greens have to offer! Thanks pHresh greens ® Licensed Massage Therapist & Esthetician  – Jaime Laurenzano

This stuff? It’s a keeper. In terms of how I use this, I actually just mix it with orange juice. I take an actual teaspoon measuring spoon (I don’t level it off, though – use a heaping teaspoon), and mix it in about an 8oz glass of OJ. It is a little gritty, and it does have that ‘green’ flavor, but if you’re worried about not liking the taste, then I suggest mixing it with OJ like I do, or putting it into a smoothie (I’m so lazy, if I can’t just pour it in a glass and drink it, then I won’t faithfully do it – no blender required with OJ). It doesn’t dissolve, so I use a straw and just stir it around a bit before taking another drink, otherwise it just settles on the bottom again. I’ve tried it in both apple juice and lemonade also, but I find that OJ makes it nearly undetectable and is my preferred way of ‘getting my greens.’ Because let’s face it – if it doesn’t taste good, we won’t stick with it no matter how much it benefits us. Also, because I wondered about shelf life, it’s good for about a year so no worries about it going bad before you can use it up.

Tara Diane

Great product, mixes well I’ve tried other greens powders in the past, but pHresh Greens surpasses those. It mixes very easily with water and has a mild, grassy taste. I wish it wasn’t so expensive. I’m not sure if I can keep it up because of the cost, but the product itself is great.

Kelly F

Great quality greens!!!! Great quality product! Not the best taste, but what do you want for something that contains ALL THESE GREENS!!! We don’t eat NEARLY ENOUGH veggies so I like that I can take a tsp of this powder and add it to some juice and there’s my veggies!!!! Great quality!

Caryn Lieberman

Great this stuff is good stuff, kinda tastes and smells like barn hay. but its good. cant complain or shim reun frothy

Tim and Layna

Love the product! World class customer service! I have been using Phresh Greens for a little over a month. Within the first month there was a noticeable difference in my digestion. I plan on incorporating Phresh Greens into my health journey; I’m confident with continued use my energy level will rocket. The product has a fine texture and blends nicely in my morning smoothy. Compared to other green drinks I’ve tried I’m impressed with the quality of Phresh Greens. Also, as someone with many food sensitivities it can be difficult sometimes to find a green drink that fits into those parameters. Not only is Phresh Greens organic, but it is free of a multitude of allergens! I’ve been above and beyond impressed with the company’s customer service. Once the product is shipped (which is almost immediately) you receive a shipping number. I swear the product appears on your doorstep in no time flat! With both of my orders I have received a handwritten thank you note signed by the founder. Now that is world class service!

Sara Aulia

Worth every penny! I put one tablespoon of Phresh Greens into my morning shake and I am good for at least 5-6 hours! I also drink lots of water during the day and I feel wonderful at 63 years old!

Great way to start the day! I mix it in fresh juice first thing in the morning and have loads of energy, feel healthier and less tired through the day. I will definitely order this again. Debbie

Get Phresh Every time I take this product I feel clean, healthy, and energized inside. It is alive you actually feel it working. Keeps my body balanced and alkalized. It starts my day when I wake up in the morning. Thank you Phresh Greens and stay phresh people. David Filippi

Never felt better in my life  I am very pleased with this product. I honestly don’t what i would do without it. I take it with o.j. first thing when i get works great for me.i feel so much better i feel so much healthier and have more energy I Love it Love it! Evelyn

High Alkaline for Wellness and Prevention!  I have been using this product for well over a year. I ran out and used an alternative product for a few weeks. Not only was it more expensive, the taste and the quality of the other product did not match up. In less than two weeks, I caught a cold. I couldn’t wait for my next order of Phresh Greens. I haven’t gotten sick since and will always be well stocked. supsready

Really works!  This product has become one of my morning routines. I feel great, energized and healthy. I was having a hard time eating enough greens but now my pH is balanced and I’m doing great

Sneak your veggies in.  This product helps me to sneak all my veggies in for the day. I like to mix a tsp in with my protein shake after a strenuous workout, and I don’t notice it other than it changes the color of the shake. I’m happy with my purchase of the 2-month supply! Kaylene

Great product! I mix it with apple juice to make it taste better. I drink it first thing in the morning to get maximum absorption. Overall I feel healthier and less fatigued. On my second bottle and plan to keep ordering in the future. Angelo

Best health product EVER! I have NEVER had any health product affect me this strongly. This stuff is amazing. I feel a burst of energy, health, happiness and wellness; even from the first sip! You can really tell how powerful this stuff is, the powder looks magnetic! I am very impressed with the customer service, my order was shipped and delivered within 2 days! It was even accompanied by a hand written thank you note from the founder! I will definitely be ordering more! THANK YOU PHRESH GREENS!! Mike

Fresh with Phresh! I add Phresh greens to my morning shake! It’s energizing! Unknown

Just starting So far so good. Still to soon to say. However, the product attributes/description are accurate and this company it great. I can not wait to see the results after using this product for a while.

Good Stuff I’ve been using this once a day for a week and I do feel more energy in my daily tasks, more regular, and also just healthier because I don’t usually get enough veggies.

LOVE LOVE LOVE  Though I am not a fan of the smell (I have this weird thing with…I had no problem drinking this! I love that I can get all my daily servings in when I don’t have an appetite or am sick!! Love it!! Oh and the best part…the personal note card from you!! Sue

LOVE THIS PRODUCT  my husband is a member of a cross fit gym that sells pHresh greens & brought it home telling me how all the people that go there take it & love it. I have intestinal issues with not being regular & this product solved that problem immediately. Not in a bad way but sure cleans you out, also reduced bloating & leaving you feel really energetic. Luckily if I can’t order it in time online my husband can pick some up at the gym but would prefer not to go a day without it, especially knowing I don’t eat nearly enough vegetable to maintain a balanced nutritional diet.

5.0 out of 5 stars, Energizing, good price An excellent health food purchase. Definitely noticed increased energy after use, and it was steady, not crash-like. I can’t drink coffee regularly, am a little on the anemic side so struggle with energy issues, this definitely helped. Very easy to take (definitely tastes “green” though), a little grainy but that’s probably because I’m lazy and don’t mix it with enough water :). Great shipping as expected with Amazon Prime. Catherine

5.0 out of 5 stars, So far so good A colleague of mine recommended pHresh greens to me after he said that it has kept him from getting sick and boosted his energy levels. I’ve been using it consistently for about two months now and I do feel more alert and energetic throughout the day. I even think that it’s helping me with my acne! I mix it into my daily breakfast smoothie and find that it’s very palatable this way. Highly recommended! Rayman

5.0 out of 5 stars, Amazing I have been with this product for 1 yr n have seen a change In my energy my skin !! Love it Teresa zaffarese

4.0 out of 5 stars, Does the Job My son steered me to this product. It does what it is supposed to, but hard to stir into liquid & stay dispersed. I get a “full” feeling right after drinking so I find that a plus as I don’t eat much breakfast and this fills me up. Good for the diet. I have already done well at getting my Ph level where I want it after barely 2 weeks. J. C. Campbell – Sun City West, AZ

Great Stuff I already drink Dr Oz’s green drink so I didn’t know if I would see a difference. I do. I mix it with the green drink and the first thing I noticed was better concentration. My nails are healthy and the age spots on my hands are gone. I will keep using this product. Theresa

AMAZING! pHresh greens is simply amazing! Sarah McGovern

I Recommend this Product! Nice flavor, great to get those servings in! Christy- Allentown, NY

As a healthcare practitioner, I have used several similar products. At the suggestion of Myrna Hurd I tried you phresh greens. I find them to be more complete and more gentle to digest. Keep up the good work.* Dr. Dave Bimestefer, DDS, MS – Hagerstown, MD

I started taking Phresh Greens because I know the benefits of being in an alkaline state as opposed to an acidic state. Many diseases feed off the sugars that are created by an acidic state including cancer. The other benefit I noticed right away was my ability to keep from catching colds from others. Because my immune system was in an alkaline state, the virus’ had nothing to feed on. To further this point, three weeks ago when I was running low on my Phresh Greens, I went to the place I had been purchasing it from and they stopped carrying it and replaced with some other brand. This was a Monday, and do you know that by the following Sunday, I caught a cold! When this happened, I immediately went on line and ordered three containers. My cold has passed and I plan on never running out of Phresh Greens again!!! The best ingredients at a very reasonable cost.* Steven Vagnone, Farmingdale, NY

I’ve been using pHresh greens for about a month. Im a 43 year old female with a not so great immune system. I can actually feel my body reacting as the toxins leave with a renewed kind of energy its awesome!* Barbara Murphy McGivney – Commack, NY

“I picked up my first container of pHresh greens the other day, and I absolutely love it! Of all the “greens” products on the market that I’ve tried, this is definitely #1. It’s packed with tons of essential nutrients, and dissolves easily in a glass of juice – no clumping like some other products. Best of all, it’s gluten free and 100% organic, two things I look for in quality nutrition products! As an avid fitness enthusiast, I feel pHresh Greens gives me that additional “kick” needed to make it through intense workouts. Your product is exceptional, and I’ll definitely recommend it to others in the future!”* Jesse S. – Clifton, NJ

“Everyone always asks me about my workout strategy but, before the work out was even in effect i started taking pHresh greens which enabled my body to receive the proper nutrients,vitamins and oxygen that i need for proper muscle growth.”* James Gray – NYC

“Why pHresh Greens ? More Energy , Better Detoxification , Better Digestion , Better Sleep, QUICKER Recovery from workouts, injuries and illness , did i mention MORE ENERGY !? Yes, This is what pHresh Greens does..and MORE..How? Why?…Because pHresh GREENS keep’s the bodys systems in balance -so it can perform it’s d……aily functions much more efficiently…and WHO does not want to be operating at 100 % Efficency EVERY DAY !?? With-OUT Caffeine or some other stimulant ?? ENERGIZE NATURALLY !..pHresh Greens is one of the BEST Full spectrum “Greens” on the Market today-if not THE BEST…100 % Organic…The taste is unlike- any other Green product out there today..With no “earthy” taste…mixes very easily with any beverage!”* Dan Smith – Franklin Sqaure, NY

“pHresh greens is the only thing that gets me started in the morning!”* Jennifer Woicieski – Bayshore, NY

“This stuff makes me feel like a beast at the gym highly recommend it.”* Anthony Rohena – Massapequa, NY

“pHresh greens are by far the best greens nothing else even come close.”* Paul Astore – Port Jefferson Station, NY

“I use pHresh greens with 9.5 alkaline water twice a day, it’s the best.”* John Favara – Huntington, NY

“pHresh greens, the solution to many health questions and answers!”* Anthony Andre Jones – Wake Forest, NC

“This is an amazing supergreen product and is my preferred choice over any other on the market.”* Stacey Hancock – Hamilton, New Zealand

“I’ve been taking Phresh greens for almost 2 months, and I feel like a new person, my energy levels are at its best, I’ve lost weight and everyone has noticed the difference… Never felt healthier :)”* Aura Alejandra – Guayaquil, Ecuador

“I’ve been taking PHresh Greens now for about 2 months. I take about 2-3 teaspoons daily. My energy has soared and I just feel healthier overall. My skin has even completey changed. I get comments like “what are you using on your skin…its glowing!” I absolutely love pHresh greens….thank you!”* Laura Gattini – Farmingdale, NY

“This stuff is a serious treat. i have been taking phresh greens for just 5 days and i feel really good. my energy is sky high and my work outs have been more enjoyable. i think my blood has become healthier as well and my face is not turning beet red anymore when i work out hard. i am actually not blushing at all during my work outs which is quite nice. being on this stuff is a great feeling and i am feeling better about my future and growing older knowing i will keep taking phresh greens forever. thank you!”* John Rasile – NY

“So pHresh So Clean”* Kevin Ranney – Pasaic, NJ

“LUV our daily PHresh Greens! And pink Himi salt. But love the customer service the BEST!”* Stephanie Pike Babin – Houston, TX

“Thank you for PH greens and for introducing me to the PHresh mineral salt . I have had a dramatic change since taking the ph greens and salt, my blood pressure went down from 125 to 107/72 and I have low risk cholesterol at 97. And I lost 11 pounds. And my skin cleared. So thank you for introducing me to the PH greens.”* Ilene Gorstien – West Islip, NY

“According to the chinese and taijiquan practitioners, illness is caused by imbalance of chi in the body. Chi always seeks to balance itself and when it is obstructed illness occurs. Daoists often use herbs and supplements and an organic diet to aid in the flow of chi. I believe that a product like PHresh Greens is perfect to help keep chi flowing properly. I’m also impressed with PHresh Greens’ natural magnetism which could directly stimulate chi production as chi is often thought to be bioelectricity created by the organs of the body.”* Justin Guerin

“Started using pHresh Greens™ superfood (super greens) on Oct 19, weighed 175 pounds [which gives me a body mass index (BMI) of 25.8, that’s considered overweight – Overweight = 25–29.9”] with a pH of about 6.8. That’s too low, probably due to normal dietary habits, although I do try to eat almonds on a regular basis, fruit and veggies, and always take my supplements at night before going to bed, as well as get plenty of fiber through regular intake of psyllium husk and milled flax seed. I also try to avoid white bread and flour, although that is challenging at times. I also sweeten my coffee with honey and iced tea with Sweet’N Low. Not idea I realize but us southerners have to drink iced tea (I drink it cold without ice) with some sweetness. I have been drinking at least two large glasses of green tea as well and being half-Asian, no, I do not sweeten that up. Here on Nov. 17 my weight is 170 pounds [BMI = 25.1] and the pH is 7.2, much better. My goal is to get into the high 7’s by Dec. 15th. I’ll come back and report the results then. I do not want to claim that I lost 5 pounds because of pHresh Greens but I haven’t really changed my diet at all. I’m not overweight but I’m not skinny either. I am 5’9″ and have always kept in fairly good physical condition as I’ve played sports all my life and love weight training which I haven’t done in a while (too long) it’s been over a year. One thing I definitely feel the need to start doing again because not only does it make you feel better, through improved blood flow and release of feel-good chemicals, but also it’s a great way to relieve stress. Part of that is due to the first thing mentioned, improved blood flow. That is also one thing pHresh Greens helps to improve!”* Bobby Dozier – Tulsan, OK

– In the words of the young people in my family: WHAT’S IN THIS? I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to have been introduced to this product. I have only used it for approximately 4 days and I am already feeling the maximum benefit! I have more energy, I am in a calm relaxed state of mind, and I don’t crave unhealthy foods. People are already beginning to ask me: What are you doing; you look great! AND IT’S ONLY BEEN FOUR DAYS!!!! Please do not change anything about this product. All too often, we find a great product and then it is adulterated and no longer a great product. Please stay true to this product and I definitely plan to become a life long user!!!* Delores Rich – Pikesville, MD

pHresh Greens have me feeling good every day! This stuff is serious for anyone who works out or cares about their body. Those of us who dislike the texture of veggies get the same benefits and more, nothing like it!!!!!!* Kyle Murray – NY

pHresh strips® Product Reviews

Essential Information  If you’re truly interested in the Acid/Alkaline balance in your body, you must have these! I’ve been testing for a few days now and will get my average at the end of the week. Then I’ll know how much to adjust my diet. I love this because I can do it myself and see the results in seconds! Kathryn

Favorite  Best I’ve used Pricey but you get what you pay for. I will buy more of these when I run out. Found out my well water is slightly alkaline and store purchased is very acidic. Also I like the two test pads they give a more accurate reading. Dan

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