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The Importance of Acid/Alkaline Balance

By pHresh Products

Aug 18

One of the most important discoveries in medicine has been the understanding of the importance of the pH balance within our bodies.

Balancing your bodies pH can lead to better health, increased vitality, improved immunity and deceleration of the aging process. Our bodies are always striving for peak performance and optimal health depending on the body’s ability to maintain balance. There are several buffer systems that help to keep our body’s pH within the ideal range.

However, in today’s society, and with our modern standard of living, we became a society that makes poor dietary choices and has high levels of stress. With a lack of nutrients, enzymes, and minerals in our food, and a lack of rest due to physical and mental stress, our bodies are often struggling to maintain balance. This can have a detrimental effect on our health and wellness. Along with many other environmental factors and pollution, our body’s natural buffer systems can be hindered as a result.

Excess acid loads are understood to be a major contributor to today’s list of degenerative diseases. Much of these degenerative diseases are known to flourish in acidic environments. Normal food digestion results in the production of acidic waste which the body needs to neutralize and eliminate. Unfortunately, if your body has inadequate alkaline buffers (Minerals, Enzymes and Nutrients) it cannot properly rid itself of all the acid waste that is produced, which can lead to degenerative disease and may accelerate ageing. This excess acid accumulates in the body as fats, cholesterol, uric acid, etc.

Our blood constantly strives to maintain an ideal pH range between 7.35 – 7.4. The purpose of our blood is to bring in oxygen, deliver nutrients, and eliminate toxins. Long term stress and poor dietary habits may lead to the thickening of the blood, sluggish circulations, and reduced oxygen flow to our vital organs. Eating nutrient dense organic whole foods can active the buffering process which reduces stress levels in the body. Drinking quality water can assist the body to restore and maintain balance which leads to better absorption of nutrients from our foods, improved detoxification and better oxygenation of the body. This leads to increased energy, improved immunity and slowing down the aging process.

The Effect of Acidic / Alkaline Foods on the Body

Phase contrast live blood conditions

The following photographs were taken using a dark field microscope. This type of microscopy allows you to see the living blood and the size and shape of the cells seconds after the blood is drawn. It provides the most accurate picture of the internal environment as it relates to your health.


1. Here is my blood sample from last year’s Superbowl festivities which included a diet of Pizza, Chicken Wings, Potato Chips, Dip and Soda. (Do you think my blood is properly delivering oxygen and nutrients, and eliminating toxins while it’s coagulated like this?)


2. This is a sample of my blood 15 minutes after consuming 3 teaspoons of pHresh greens™ mixed in 8oz of natural spring water.* (This is what healthy blood should look like. In this condition it can properly deliver oxygen and nutrients, and eliminate toxins)

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