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How to lose body weight (video)

By pHresh Products

Jul 14

One of the most common questions I get is “How do I lose weight?

The scale isn’t budging…. You are putting in the time, working out and lifting heavier than you have prior. Your clothes are FITTING better and you FEEL smaller but what is going on?

That DARN SCALE number isn’t budging or even worse, it even inches up? Before you toss the scale out the window there is a bit of critical information you must learn about body weight.

Fat vs. Muscle

Fat vs. Muscle

We all know that 5 lbs of muscle and 5 lbs of fat WEIGH the same on the scale, BUT what most people don’t realize is that fat takes up so much more VOLUME then the muscle.

The same people that say they “know this” are the ones that get upset when they lift weights and wonder why the scale isn’t “drastically” going down. 5 lbs of muscle does NOT weigh more than 5 lbs of fat. The 5 lbs of muscle weighs the SAME as 5 lbs of fat.

Muscle just takes up so much less space than fat. So yes, your weight may not adjust much but when you are working out hard, eating right, you are going to gain muscle and burn fat which will make you appear smaller and leaner.

Here in this video I talk about the differences between muscle and fat and how those effect SCALE weight. I also talk about HOW to lose body weight and fat weight.

Oh, and FYI- It takes a 3500 calorie deficit/surplus to lose/gain ONE lb of fat.  So, when you are only eating 1500 to 2000 calories per day, and the scale says you have ‘gained’ 2 pounds, you now know it isn’t possible to gain 2 lbs of fat in a day if you are only eating that much.

Get 10 recipes that will help you attain that healthy body weight with these 100% gluten free, all natural treats that will have your friends dying for the recipe and help you melt away some of that pesky body fat.

And YES, there is even an amazing all-natural, gluten free DESSERT that will blow you away!


I hope you enjoy the video AND the 10 free recipes!

Be Happy…  Be Healthy…  Be Fit!

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