Caleb (age 3) was diagnosed with a heart condition at birth and has been waiting for his lifesaving surgery ever since. His family lives in a one room structure made of sheet metal in the capital city of San Salvador. Caleb has two older sisters who both attend school. His mother and father trade off responsibilities of staying home to care for Caleb and going out to work. In the morning and the evening his mother works selling coffee and bread while his father takes care of the children. During the day, Caleb’s father works selling vegetables while his mother cares for the children. Between the two earnings, they are able to cover the cost of their basic needs most of the time. Caleb’s parents are very happy that his heart has been healed. This is one less worry for them and they are looking forward to watching their son grow and play. Until now, Caleb was operated on January 16, 2015 and is on his way to a healthy recovery.

A portion of every sale of pHresh greens is lovingly donated to the Gift of Life International to help save lives of children in need all around the world. You are supporters provided us with the resources to help save Caleb life and the lives of 5 other children so far.

pHresh greens® not only fuels the body nutritionally but also fuels a movement of philanthropic change and impact that will result in greater health and wellness for all of us by focusing on social responsibilities.  If you don’t take care of the world, the world won’t be there to take care of you.

Thank you for your continued support in our mission of making the world a healthier place to live!

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Caleb’s Life Saving Heart Surgery is in Memory of Michael Francis Lepore.

MikeJuly 14, 1984 – February 13, 2014

Michael Francis Lepore: A loving son, brother, uncle and friend who will always be greatly missed but never forgotten.

Michael was a great person. He was always looking out for people with good intents to see others smile. He loved to play guitar and had a real gift as he was able to play to the note without any sheet music. Michael was extremely touched when he heard about the Gift of Life International and what pHresh Products was partnering up with them to accomplish. On February 12th 2014 pHresh Products teamed up with Gift of Life International to provide lifesaving heart surgery for their first sponsored child named Jaime.  Coincidentally on the next day February 13th 2014 Michael had passed away from Heart Failure of an enlarged heart.  It is felt by all of his siblings, family and friends that Michael was uniquely linked to this life saving surgery for Jaime and that Michael will be looking over him as he continues to grow.

 Michael is greatly missed every day and loved by all those who had the pleasure of having him as part of their lives.

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