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We Are Consuming Too Much Sugar and Synthetic Chemicals

By pHresh Products

Jun 27

Our bodies were not designed to consume artificial sugars and synthetic chemicals. They were never a part of our diets 1,000 years ago mainly because we are organic beings.  This means our bodies were meant to eat organic foods, not fake foods. In today’s society our food chain is made up of processed, refined artificial sugar and synthetic chemicals. The result from this is now a majority of all processed foods (packaged, frozen, etc.) which are not even real food and they have little to no nutritional value. One way to look at it is manufacturers are using filler in our food, instead of giving us real quality food. One way to better understand this is to look at fuel for your car.  There is a difference between 87 and 93 octane gasoline; the higher the octane grants better performance and mileage for your car. Food is just like that, by eating real food (Organic, Non- GMO and Non- Irradiated) our bodies will perform better by making it is easier for us to break down those foods and extract the nutrients and minerals from it.

So take a look at this chart:


On average, Americans in the early 1900’s were consuming less than 5 pounds of sugar and even less synthetic chemicals which include food coloring (paint). Yes, we are eating and drinking paint! Other synthetic chemicals include, but are not limited to, Preservatives, Artificial Flours, Herbicides, and Pesticides.

Today the average American is consuming 150 POUNDS of ARTIFICIAL SUGAR and 123 POUNDS of SYNTHETIC CHEMICALS!

There is a direct correlation between the foods (fuel) we consume to how our bodies operate and feel!

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