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pHresh greens helps Build Blood!

By pHresh Products

Jun 26

Did you know that eating dark green leafy vegetables, grasses, and sea algae promote the building of hemoglobin! Yes!!! The reason why is that chlorophyll increase blood pH and helps to build blood. The main reason for this is because the molecular structure of chlorophyll is virtually identical to that of the red blood cells!

Chlorophyll’s molecular structure is similar to the hemoglobin of human blood. Hemoglobin is our body’s oxygen transporter. From a chemical standpoint, the components of chlorophyll are identical to those of hemoglobin.

With chlorophyll so closely resembling the structure of hemoglobin the only ion which needs to be exchanged is the center magnesium ion for iron. The body can make quick use of it and easily assimilate it. In this way we can see that chlorophyll, the blood of plants. is the most powerful blood builder we can consume!!!

P.S. This is especially great for women because of the menstrual cycle that occurs every month!

P.S.S. Also great for athletes. Rebuild blood, help oxygenate your muscles, increase nutrients and help eliminate lactic acids.

P.S.S.S. Also great for people that don’t eat enough vegetables. Did you know 1 teaspoon is equivalent to eating 4 servings of vegetables! So if you or an adult or your children don’t eat enough greens here is your answer!

P.S.S.S.S. The most important thing! It helps clean your blood! Our blood is the life line of our body! It brings in oxygen, nutrients and takes out toxins out of your body systems. Just imagine if you don’t change your oil in your vehicle what would happen?

Acidic forming things do this to your blood… it coagulate (makes them clump up) your blood is now limited to the amount of oxygen and nutrients it carries. The worst thing is, now it restricts the amount of cellular waste it can take out! So be pHresh, with pHresh greens!

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