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Michelle Obama wants you to Eat your Greens

By pHresh Products

Jun 26

Obesity is out of control in the US and First Lady Michelle Obama believes that in America, we possess the power to tackle any problem, including what we eat.   Eating enough vegetables, drinking enough water and employing super food supplements can help stabilize your body’s pH balance and restore its natural ability burn calories.

The New York Times reports that despite two decades of public health initiatives Americans still aren’t eating enough vegetables. Healthy eating is a priority of First Lady Michelle Obama. You might have seen her commercials on TV.

First Lady Michelle Obama has started a nationwide nutrition initiative called Let’s Move. Michelle Obama is promoting healthy eating habits for Americans by encouraging balance. She is encouraging us to balance fruit and veggies on our plates and exercise portion control.

Obesity is out of control in the US and the First Lady believes that in America, we possess the power to tackle any problem, including what we eat.

Michelle Obama says she benefits from a vegetable cleanse now and then but still enjoys a dessert once in a while, as a treat.

When asked by Ladies’ Home Journal what made her choose Let’s Move as her first major initiative, Michelle Obama said, “It’s personal for me. As a working mom I lived through what a lot of working families are dealing with: You have your job. Your kids are going in 50 million different directions. You’re trying to fix dinner, doing things on the go. You’re eating out because you don’t have time to cook.”

She went on to say “I saw the toll it was taking, not just on how my family looked, but on how we felt. But by making a few minor changes, I saw some pretty significant results. It made me think, do most families understand that these small changes can make a difference? I wanted to create a message that gave parents better information.”

Obama also said, “Our rule is that you’ve got to finish your vegetables. And if somebody says, I’m full, then it’s like, Okay. If you’re full, you’re done. But you have to finish your vegetables (http://, and don’t ask for dessert — because if you’re full, you’re full. You can’t be full just for the healthy stuff. That’s the joke in our household.”

This sentiment is nothing new for the First Lady. Michelle Obama recently told People, “What is life without the things you love to eat? For me, it’s pie. So what I tell my girls is: Treats are special.”

Obama also commented on cleanses and their role in a healthy life. “The cleanses are good for a short period of time,” Michelle Obama said. “It isn’t a way of life because I like food too much. But it is good to break your mindset.”

Besides watching what she eats, she gets up very early and hits the gym.

“It makes you feel better about yourself,” Michelle Obama said. “I always think, don’t think about how you’re feeling during the workout. Think about an hour and a half from now, how good you’re going to feel the rest of the day.” ( Source:

Regardless of your politics we have to admit that the first lady is “right on” on and we would do well to follow her example of eating healthy food and getting adequate exercise on a daily basis. In this day of rushing from one place to another, sometimes being a taxi service for our children, it is difficult to cook a nutrient rich meal. And getting youngsters to “eat their veggies” can sometimes be a losing battle.

But all is not lost. Super Foods like pHresh greens® can come to your rescue. Supplying the equivalent of three to four servings of fresh vegetables in one nutrient rich teaspoonful, you and your children can have your vegetables regardless of how busy your life is. You and your children will feel significantly better and have the energy to make it through your busy day.

Thanks to Michele Obama for reminding us to eat our vegetables.

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