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Live a Balanced Life

By pHresh Products

Jun 26

There’s no question we want great things for ourselves and for our loved ones. However, many of us are stuck without knowing how to create the life we want. We regret the fact we sometimes have to live paycheck-to-paycheck; or our relationships are not as satisfying as we want them to be; or our lives are simply not balanced and we are not going in the direction we had hoped.

Some believe the notion of a truly balanced life is only a myth. With too much to do and with too little time to do it, anxiety and stress replaces happiness much of the time. However, there is hope, because the ability to change our lives exists in all of us. We just need to learn how to become more balanced.

Living a balanced life is the ability to take all that life throws at us from our careers, home, HEALTH and everything else, and put it in a central location so we can reframe it in order to better understand it, learn from it and grow from it.

The following life balance strategies provide a roadmap; a handbook of sorts, to begin the process of living a pHresh balanced life each day.

Have a Vision:

Before you start, you ought to know where you want to go. If you want to start eating healtier, you must first know what healtiey foods are. The lack of not having a plan is what keeps some folks from creating the life they want because they have no idea what they want in the first place.

A life vision is not an etched in stone deal that can never be changed; but rather, it is a high-level vision statement that goes something like, “this is what I want from my life.”

For me, I want to meet, or exceed, the financial and emotional needs of my family. I want to be in control of my future and give myself the ability to have choices with my career. I may not achieve all of these things every single day, but this vision is what gives me focus and a very good idea of what a balanced life looks, and feels like, when I’m struggling and veering off course.

Know your Goals:

Your life’s vision is what provides governance to how you want to live; your goals are the tactical components of your vision. Your goals help make your vision a reality. For the most part, goals are measureable and quantifiable.

Goals can vary in size and scope. One goal might be to retire at age 50 in order to begin living your life’s passion and another might be to find one evening during the week when you and your partner can go out and spend some time alone.

Often, our lives feel out of balanced when we have not clearly defined our goals or we are not actively pursuing them. Take time each week; each day, to consider what you want to accomplish. Make a plan to align your activities to your life’s vision.

For thoses that know me personaly you know the qoute I always say ” A Dream is just a Dream, In Till you write it down then it becomes a GOAL”

Be Organized:

Do what’s important first. The distractions of email, text messages, and mind-numbing television can keep us from focusing on what is truly important.

In order to spend time on activities that support you life’s vision and will keep you daily life in better balance, consider these productivity tips:

  •     Have at least one hour of email amnesty each day at work, or try to shut-off your email one day each week
  •     Get up at least 15 minutes earlier each day to give yourself a better head-start and use this time to make your plan for the day.
  •     Make a list – mental is fine, but written is better, of the things you need to accomplish and the things you want to accomplish for the day.
  •     Be on the outlook for time-killers such as planting yourself in front of the television or thinking of who to call next on the telephone instead of addressing the items on your     to-do list.
  •     Know what you value most in life and then spend more time there.

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