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Green Superfood

By pHresh Products

Jun 26

Almost all of the wild vegetarian animals on this earth eat a high percentage of greens in their diet, so it is obvious that we should as well, especially if you have a look what science found out about the nutrition of green, and the unbelievably high percentage of minerals and vitamins in it. Some of the largest animals on the plant only eat greens (Elephants, hippos, horses, oxen, gorillas, cows  …etc).

We would go so far, and call it one of the most important superfoods of nature.

Greens are rich a source of potassium, calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium. All of these minerals are essential for human health.

We need to include raw and organic dark leafy green vegetables often in our diets in a form that is easily to assimilated by the body which will give us more nutrients.

Here’s are a few facts about greens vegetables you might not have know about, and will help you to understand the importance of eating loads of it!

– Greens contain more vitamin A than carrots;

– Greens contain more vitamin C than oranges;

– Greens contain more vitamin E than whole wheat;

– Greens contain more vitamin B2 and digestible calcium than milk;

– Greens contain quality proteins.

But there’s even more.

Greens provide essential alkaline minerals such as calcium and magnesium that are found in insufficient quantities in fruit, nuts and seeds, not to mention other more conventional, acid-forming foods (fast foods, canned foods .etc).

To provide enough minerals in the diet, we need a sufficient quantity of green vegetables.

We also need a good variety of green vegetables — just celery and romaine lettuce might not be enough to provide to most people’s mineral needs! 100% organic pHresh greens® alkalizing superfoods is the solution to this with 16 of the most alkalizing dark leafy vegetables, sea algae, and cereal grasses in the world!

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