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Jun 26

How to cleanse through diet

The food and fluids we eat and drink have a greater impact on detoxification and health than all other aspects of our lifestyle combined. These are the tangible chemical elements that we fuel and rebuild ourselves with daily. As such, the correct nutrition plays a vital role in detoxification.

Our modern diet is full of unnatural chemicals and unbalanced elements such as excess sodium and sugar. These are toxic to our body, which struggles to process and eliminate them. Wastes that cannot be removed get stored in our cells and, over time, build up, making us ill and even leading to disease. Food items that should be reduced from your diet or avoided altogether include:

  • Pre-packaged and processed foods: depleted of nutrients and contain many harmful additives which our body struggles to remove.
  • All animal products: meats, fish, eggs and dairy. They are extremely hard for our body to metabolize efficiently and include saturated fats and other harmful elements.
  • Coffee, alcohol and soft drinks: high in caffeine, sugar and other substances toxic to our liver, they compromise its ability to effectively remove cellular wastes and further add to the toxic load.

The right foods boost energy

A great deal of our body’s energy is used for its natural detoxification processes, a key to maintaining and optimizing health. Replacing this energy with the highest quality foods(dark leafy vegetables, sea algae and cereal grasses) and fluids in the most easily digested form reduces the energy required for digestion, preserving it for cleansing and restoring.

100% Organic Raw Vegetables

Raw organic vegetables in their whole form provide high quality nutrition and fiber for fuel efficient internal cleansing. Even more powerful is pHresh greens® alkalizing superfood which promotes quick cellular cleansing. pHresh greens® provides enzyme-rich nutrients which require minimal energy to digest. These nutrients energize and alkalize, flushing acid wastes from our tissues and out of our body.

Why Raw

Cooked whole foods such as brown rice, legumes and baked vegetables still retain some of their micronutrients content and are cleansing to an extent. However, their enzymes are destroyed when cooked above 118º F (48º C) and require extra effort to digest. This reduces the amount of energy available for internal repair and restoration.

Increase water intake

Water comprises 75% of a healthy adult body and is the solvent in which wastes and toxins are transported out of our body. Water also dilutes and reduces their negative effects. Ensure you drink at least 2 liters per day.

As our body detoxifies, positive changes occur. Energy levels lift, aches and pains melt away, we are healthier and look better, our eyes sparkle and skin glows. Consuming high quality fresh vegetables on a regular basis can ensure these benefits last for life. So be pHresh with pHresh greens®!


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