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You Are What You Eat, Organic Superfood Supplements Help Balance Out Your Diet


Jun 26

Neither Brillat-Savarin or Feuerbach had organic superfood supplements when they famously uttered the phrase “Your Are What You Eat”, otherwise the quotation would have been a bit longer. But both would agree that they shared the opinion that what one puts in one’s body has a direct effect to how we feel, look, perform and enjoy full and healthy lives.

The quality of the food we consume is central to our health. Our body is continually regenerating itself as individual cells. Every cell and tissue in our body is built, repaired and fueled from the foods, fluids, we consume. To give you some idea of how rapidly cell replacement happens, approximately 50,000 cells have died and been replaced while you have been reading this sentence and the questions arises, are you nourishing your body properly for healthy cell replacement? It’s pretty certain that you wouldn’t put a low grade gasoline in your new Lamborghini convertible, so why do you put junk food in that one-of-a-kind and precious body of yours? What does your body require to replace dead cells with healthy cells?

Is our food natural?

Most commercially available foods today are grown in the presence of chemical poisons. Vegetables are sprayed with pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. They are intensively farmed which depletes the minerals in the soil as well as in the plants grown in them. Animals are fed both antibiotics to prevent illness and growth hormones to speed their development and we ingest these chemicals, antibiotics and hormones when we consume most selections of meat.. Our food is then processed, stripping much of its nutritional content. It also may be bleached, colors and flavorings added as well. This is the food on which many of us survive.  Sometimes what we buy is not much more that “faux food” (

Our choices affect us at a cellular level

These poisoned, nutrient-deficient foods, if part of your diet, are the building blocks of the person you are today. The poisons contained within them damage our cells and DNA. The long-term consumption of these foods is a central contributor to the lifestyle diseases from which many people in developed countries are now suffering – diabetes, allergies, immune system diseases and so on.

Choose wisely for better health

Human beings have an amazing capacity to survive. Our entire physiology is designed to preserve life as a priority. It is the length and quality of our life, daily energy, mental clarity, productivity, emotional stability and absence of pain we can influence by making positive choices. It is quite logical that if the body has to expend large amounts of energy to produce proper nutrients, it has less energy to do the work and have the fun you want to experience.

Choose nutrient-rich organics

Organic foods are grown in naturally fertilized, composted and mineralized soils to which no poisons have been introduced. The goodness in these soils provides nutrients which growing fruits, vegetables and grains absorb and pass on to those who eat them. These minerals and the vitamins and phytonutrients synthesized in their presence enhance flavor and provide the basis for healthy cellular renewal, growth and energy. These are the foods on which we have evolved to thrive, not merely survive.

Eat pHresh whole foods to maximize nutrients

Only unprocessed foods, such as whole grains, contain the full spectrum of nutrients which nature intended and our bodies require. A white bread, for example, may be organic but during processing much of its original nutrients are removed. Avoid processed, pre-packaged foods in all their forms whether bottled, canned, boxed or bagged.

Eat raw for the enzymes

Enzymes are catalysts that boost the speed and efficiency of all chemical processes including digestion. Fresh, whole and, importantly, raw organic foods contain the specific enzymes needed to provide the greatest amount of nutrients to our body with the minimum of digestive energy. This preserves our energy for the important tasks of repair and renewal. Note that all enzymes are destroyed above 118 F (48 C). Therefore depletes them, robbing us of their revitalizing properties.

Choose life

Eat a high quality diet of organic, whole and largely raw foods, providing the best nutrients to rebuild your body and enhance health and vitality on all levels. To make sure that you are getting the required nutrients, supplement your diet with pHresh greens® on a daily basis.


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