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5 Reasons Why pHresh Greens is the BEST

By pHresh Products

Jun 26

Five reasons why you want your body to experience the benefits of the only 100% Organic alkalizing Superfood. With our bodies absorbing toxins from our environment and what we eat, it is a good idea to start being pHresh!

1.      We are 100% Organic, meaning each ingredient in pHresh greens is 100% organic is Non GMO and Non Irradiated. Contains No Yeast, Peanuts, or Animal Products. No Herbicides, Pesticides or Synthetic Chemicals. Has No Preservatives, Artificial Colors, Flavors and Sweeteners. Also Egg, Wheat, Dairy, Soy and Gluten FREE!

2.      Did you know the recommended daily serving of greens you should be having a day is 3 – 5 servings? So if you or your love ones aren’t consuming the proper amount of vegetables, pHresh greens is your solution. All you need to do is just mix just 1 teaspoon of pHresh greens in water or juice and you will have all your recommended servings of greens for the day!

3.      pHresh greens was formulated with one thing in mind: Your Health. Its ingredients have been slow dried under 70 F/21 C  to help retain its life energy. PHresh greens is made from the natural produce itself, thus ensuring you are getting the nutrients from each of the ingredients in its natural raw state, just one step removed from picking the produce from your own garden.

4.      You can save Time and Money. One 10oz/296ml container of pHresh greens is equivalent to having 228 servings of vegetables. Just Imagine what 228 servings of organic greens would look like and cost at your local grocery store! Yes, that means that there are 57 individual 3 – 4 servings in it. Which means you are only paying .87 cents a day to have your recommended daily 3 – 4 servings of greens.

5.      The ingredients in pHresh greens also help balance an acidic diet, which includes eating meats, products with high sugar content, processed foods, all dairy products, soda, coffee, alcohol, and much more!

There are so many products out there; it’s just so confusing. Health should be simple! PHresh greens is here!

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