Birth Date: May 18, 2011

Household Income: $7 per day

Number of family members: 5

Resides in: Sonsonate, El Salvador

Age: 5

Hospital: Hospital Bloom

Surgery Date: December, 2013

Sponsor: pHresh Products and You!

Update on Jaime 1/08/14:

“We are currently trying to get Jaime healthy for surgery…We’ve started him on vitamins and hoping he is strong enough for surgery soon.” – Rob Raylman – Executive Director of the Gift of Life International

Jaime pics

Update on Jaime 2/11/14:

We would like to announce that our little boy Jaime is going in for his life-saving heart surgery TODAY. Jaime was originally scheduled for his operation in December 2013 but due to him getting sick at that time, it was put on hold until he fully recovered.

It is with utmost sincere gratitude that we thank you all who have been a part of sponsoring his operation. At this time we ask you all to take a few moments to pray for Jaime during his operation and send loving vibes to him and his whole family. Again, we thank you all for being a part of this life-saving mission.

Update on Jaime 2/12/14:

We have just received the update on Jaime from Rob Raylman the Executive Director of The Gift of Life himself!  “Jaime is resting comfortably… The first 12 hours after surgery are always critical…so please keep him in your thoughts..!”

If everyone can just take a second and send love to Jaime … It would be very much appreciative! So far his open heart surgery is good! Thank you all again for your love and support!

Update on Jaime 2/13/14:

Our latest report from Hospital Bloom in El Salvador states that Jaime continues to recover from surgery.


Update on Jaime 2/14/14:

Jaime’s open heart surgery is a success and he is now resting comfortably in recovery. His family is thankful that their prayers have been answered. Their little boy has been blessed with this life-saving miracle.This was all made possible by the loving support given by all of YOU. We would like to thank all of you who’ve been a part of this mission.


Update on Jaime 3/21/14:

We at pHresh Products are expressing our gratitude with great emotion! This is one of the most amazing feelings seeing Jaime being held by his mom… She smiles thankfully knowing that Jaime now has a 2nd chance at life! Thank you all who have supported us! We could not have done this with out you!


Update on Jaime 4/4/14:

“Jaime stopped by for a visit today and was the picture of health. Jaime’s parents are very thankful to pHresh Products for sponsoring his open-heart surgery at Hospital Bloom and giving their son a second chance at life.” Rob Raylman – Executive Director of the Gift of Life International

We thank you all who have supported us! We could not have done this without you!


Update on Jaime 4/5/14:

The picture above was taken at Hungry for Health Gala in Branson, MO during a live Skype call with Jaime’s family 2 months after his surgery. On the video screen, you can see Jaime is being held in his mother’s arms, behind her is his father, and on his right is Gift of Life International Salvadoran Affiliate, Ivonne Lopez. To the right of the screen is the Founder of the Gift of Life International, Robbie Donno, and our Founder, Howard Hoffman.

This was a very emotional video call. Tears of joy flowed through everyone that attended and witnessed this amazing conversation. These were the words of Jaime’s mother:

“After the surgery we have seen a big change in him. Even two days after the surgery it’s like the batteries in him were charged because he was moving and he was doing great. We have really seen an improvement. Before the surgery he was malnourished and his weight was 11lbs, and he’s 3 years old. Now after the surgery his weight is 21lbs. We thank god that he has gained weight and we tell everybody that he’s back now! I have no words to express how thankful I am with you and with god and with the help of god we know that we will be even better.”

We would like to say Thank You for everyone who was involved! We Did It! Now it’s time to answer the prayers of the next family.


Update on Jaime 5/18/16:

Nearly three years following surgery, Jaime is now living a healthy, happy life thanks to the generosity of all that supported us!

Jaime - web pieces

Jaime - web pieces

Jaime and His Family’s Story

In less fortunate communities around the world, the necessary medical care required to save the lives of innocent children is not readily available.

Meet Jaime, a two-year-old boy from El Salvador. At birth, Jaime was diagnosed with a life-threatening congenital heart defect, which hinders his growth, leaving him in a desperate situation and in need of a life-saving surgery. With no hope in sight, Jaime’s family prays for a miracle.

Jaime’s parents struggle to provide food and shelter for their three children. Making only seven dollars a day, they must work around the clock just to make sure that their family survives and that basic needs are met. Knowing that their child’s life hangs in the balance, they do what they can to ensure their little boy survives until help can be found.

Jaime and his family need our help. Now is the time to look deep inside yourself and ask the question: What if this was my child?

Together, with your help, we can give this family hope… hope for a healthy life for Jaime. Every loving contribution provides a glimmer of hope and a ray of light that shines on Jaime and his family. Be a part of his miracle, and share in this “life-giving” experience. Together, we can save this child’s life and answer the prayers of his family! By doing so, we help change the world, one little heart at a time!


pHresh Products™ is proud of its collaborative effort with the Gift of Life International to provide life saving heart surgery and nutritional programs to children in need while bringing good health to families around the world with our products. We at pHresh Products™ are proud to help sponsor Jamie’s life-saving heart surgery this December, 2013!

More to come… Please continue to follow Jaime’s story with us.


Gift of Life International provides gratis treatment to children who suffer from heart disease

and is tax exempt according to IRS Code 501c3. Tax ID#56-2322626

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