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88 Ways to Discharge Toxins

By pHresh Products

Jan 6

There are hundreds of ways, we can discharge toxins from the body, mind and spirit. Find which ones work best for you! Here are 88 of the most common tools to discharge toxins:

1. Drink clean filtered water.
2. Drink lemon water.
3. Get alkaline by eating whole foods.
4. Drink bentonite clay
5. Do a sauna.
6. Get a massage.
7. Exercise and sweat!
8. Do oil pulling – see instructions and photo below.
9. Do deep breathing and release toxins through breath.
10. Bathe in bentonite clay
11. Do the Earth Diet 3-day Cleanse – it’s free!
12. Drink beet juice
13. Drink green juice
14. Drink pHresh greens®
15. Bathe in epsom salts.
16. Swim in the ocean.
17. Eat grapefruit.
18. Chew on ginger.
19. Drink a ginger, lime and turmeric tea, recipe here:
20. Make a Berry Smoothie, recipe here:
21. Be in nature, go barefoot!
22. Love A LOT!
23. Live your own best life.
24. Be your healthiest self.
25. Dance.
26. Get a colonic.
27. Walking.
28. Get acupuncture.
29. Get a facial.
30. Do yoga.
31. Dream.
32. Visualize.
33. Empty the mind and become still.
34. Presence.
35. Cut junk foods from your diet and replace them with healthy alternatives. Hundreds of recipes here:
36. Get a cell shield from your phone.
37. Put a himalayan salt lamp in your room.
38. Hang upside down.
39. Jump on a rebounder/mini trampoline.
40. Do a bentonite clay whole body mask to draw toxins from your arm pits, stomach, legs etc!
41. Read the Earth Diet book and learn how to live a consistent natural lifestyle
42. Think more positive thoughts than negative thoughts.
43. Be relaxed more than stressed.
44. Get a lot of nutrition everyday!
45. Eat more natural earth foods than processed foods.
46. Walk A LOT!
47. Pray.
48. Write down 50 things you are grateful for.
49. Drink digestion tea,
50. Be gluten free for a month.
51. Eat a lot of Vitamin C.
52. Eat a lot of antioxidants.
53. Eat garlic.
54. Eat cayenne pepper!
55. Do the 21 Day Earth Diet Be-Pure Whole Body Detox:
56. Do a castor oil pack on your gut.
57. Eat nothing but cucumbers all day!
58. Do a 21 day Nourishment e-Program
59. Do a 7 day Juice Cleanse
60. Do a 21 day Liquid Cleanse
61. Lose excess weight, check out the 90 day Weight Loss e-Program
62. Do a chakra cleanse.
63. Wear white to bed.
64. Wear orange or yellow during the day.
65. Go hiking.
66. Take a hot tub.
67. Use a dry body brush.
68. Drink the Fat Blaster Juice
69. Eat a lot of raw foods.
70. Drink vegetable juice
71. Don’t wear deodorant to clog up your pores, use lemon or have deodorant free days!
72. Be in the sunshine!
73. Have nourishing sleep.
74. Be dairy free for a month.
75. Be soy free for a month.
76. Eat organic produce.
77. Grow your own garden!
78. Eat desserts that also have nutrition instead of chemicals!
79. Don’t use chemical products on your skin – remember if you cannot eat it do not put it on your skin.
80. Eat Green Salad
81. Drink epsom salts.
82. Drink baking soda.
83. Hire a mentor who will create a personalized program for you to cleanse toxins
84. Experience balance in your life with relationships, work and play.
85. Eat 5-minute Detox Green Salad
86. Smile for ten minutes while looking in the mirror!
87. Eat broccoli with garlic and lemon
88. Drink Detox Juice

Living a chemical free lifestyle over time will expel all unnecessary toxins in the body. The goal is to maintain a healthy body that is well balanced.

Toxins can be caused by stress, processed junk foods, chemicals, genetically modified foods, environment like the air we breathe, technology including our cell phone and television usage, and not moving our body enough. When toxins build up in our body it causes an acidic body, which is where illness and disease like cancer, diabetes, depression, addiction, MS etc thrive. It is very important we regularly cleanse toxins from our body to be consistently healthy. I have used these tools often since living a natural lifestyle, and have proven to be successful for many.

PRINT this list and keep these in mind whenever you feel like wanting to discharge toxins.

If you have any questions or comments about any of these tips, let me know in the comments section below!

Love Liana

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