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Celebrating 8 Years

By pHresh Products

Dec 21
we started pHresh Products with our mission in mind to be the premier authority regarding pH balance in all aspects of our living environment. We strive to reflect the highest ethical standards in all product production and development while informing the global community on the importance of “Maintaining Health…Not Sickness”.  We strive to be the leading global innovator, developer of all types of pH products available.  With
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5 Benefits of Raw Cacao

By pHresh Products

Dec 14
5 Benefits of Raw Cacao  + Delicious Chocolate Recipes Chocolate cake, chocolate brownies, chocolate ice cream, chocolate energy balls, chocolate bars. Chocolate comes in a variety of forms. Each one more delicious – and more unhealthy – than the last.  Would you believe us if we told you that the original chocolate bean is actually incredibly beneficial to your health? That it can actually improve your attitude?
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