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Chlorophyll for a natural blood transfusion? Here is some information plus a recipe! I have heard so much about chlorophyll being able to be a natural blood transfusion, so I did some research. Firstly what is chlorophyll? Chlorophyll (also chlorophyl) is a green pigment found incyanobacteria and the chloroplasts of algae and plants. People remember; green plants = chlorophyll. What plants contain chlorophyll?
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How to lose body weight (video)

By pHresh Products

Jul 14
One of the most common questions I get is “How do I lose weight? The scale isn’t budging…. You are putting in the time, working out and lifting heavier than you have prior. Your clothes are FITTING better and you FEEL smaller but what is going on? That DARN SCALE number isn’t budging or even worse, it even inches up? Before you toss the scale out the window there is a bit of critical information you must learn about body weight. Fat vs.
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