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The Green Juice Your Kids Will Drink

By pHresh Products

Dec 10
Okay. I am pretty sure you may have just rolled your eyes at me. I only know this because I used to do the same if someone told me my kids would ever drink anything that shade of leprechaun green. I also know that you rolled your eyes because I am the “Queen Bee” of eye-rolling. Ask my Mom. And my husband. 
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Get pHresh with me!

By pHresh Products

Dec 6
Ok, not really – I’m not that kind of girl!! I’m referring to pHresh greens. Mine arrived in the mail merely hours after I posted about alkalizing your body.  I’ve had a chance to try it in a couple smoothies and even mixed into my overnight oats. Here is a little review for you! So what is pHresh greens you ask?!
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Liana has helped change and even save thousands of people’s lives through her Earth Diet recipes. This has included helping people heal their cancer, diabetes, depression, acne and other health issues. But this little boy’s story is unique. Liana has been part of a team that are contributing to help save this little boy’s life through a life changing surgery. You can also be part of it.
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