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10 Tips for a Juice Cleanse

By pHresh Products

Jan 13

Juicing is the easiest way to replenish necessary vitamins and minerals without taking a fistful of supplements every day. In fact, juicing is now one of the most popular ways to eliminate toxins from over-worked organs.

If you’re seeking to effectively detoxify your body, here are 10 tips for a juice cleanse catering to different organs and ailments:

  1. Colon: The colon holds waste which includes bacteria and prepares it for elimination. Bloating and digestive problems are usually because of a sluggish colon. Juicing helps with these types of issues by delivering forceful nutrients that can unclog and cleanse the system. To make a healthy colon cleanse juice, use green vegetables like Spinach, Kale and Wheatgrass and fruits like Apples and Blackberries.  Try Making a Refreshing Juice for the Gallbladder.
  2. Liver: The liver is the inspector; it collects all nutrients and distributes them to the right locations. The liver is also the second largest organ in our body.  Its job is to break down fats and filter toxins in the system. When the liver slows down, toxins and bile back up and this can delay the distribution of nutrients throughout the body. To keep the liver functioning properly, you can juice Spinach, Beets, Watercress and Seaweed. Try Making a Beet Juice Blend.
  3. Mood stabilizer: Feeling a bit on the down side? Research shows that certain nutritional deficiencies link to emotional problems. The best fruits and vegetables to juice for emotional well-being are Green and Red Peppers, Seaweed, Carrots, Cranberries, Cherries, Blueberries, and Bananas. Try Making a Blueberry Boost Smoothie.
  4. Arthritis: Arthritis can range from morning stiffness in the joints to inflammation that causes intense pain. Vitamin C helps support connective tissue, Calcium has been known to protect and build stronger bones, and Omega-3 fatty acids may help to relieve painful inflammation. Try juicing citrus fruits and green vegetables, such as Grapefruit, Pears and Kale just to name a few. Try Making a Grapefruit & Raspberry Smoothie.
  5. Asthma: Eating certain foods can trigger the release of histamines, which increase mucus production and cause inflammation. According to a 2001 study by the National Institute of Health (NIH), the consumption of fresh fruit, particularly fruit high in vitamin C, shows a lower prevalence of Asthma symptoms and increased lung function. Vegetables and fruits with high Magnesium, Iron and Vitamin C help open the bronchial tubes. Some great examples of these are juiced Seaweed, Green Peppers, Oranges, and Pineapple. Try Making a Orange Grapefruit Smoothie.
  6. Constipation: When you are constipated, your colon retains waste. This is what typically makes us sick. Constipation can lead to skin eruptions, bad breath, and even headaches. A few suggested fruits and vegetables to juice are Seaweed, Parsley, Green Peppers, Peaches, and Apples. Try Making a The Great Cleanser Green Juice.
  7. Fatigue: Fatigue can come from many sources and consuming certain unhealthy foods can weigh the body down. The likely culprits are white refined sugar and flour.  This can be combated with increases of Iron, Vitamin B, and Magnesium. To get the best combo of these minerals try juicing Seaweed, Bok Choy, Broccoli, Dates, and Grapes. Try Making a Chlorophyll & Coconut Transfusion.
  8. High Blood Pressure: Fiber, can effect digestion and the amount of fat and cholesterol in the blood.  This in turn can play an important role in helping to lower the amount of work the heart must perform. A healthy diet of fruits and vegetables can result in reductions of both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Juicing Fruits and Vegetables like Guava, Blackberries, Boysenberries, Mango, Orange, Pomegranate and Spinach may help to play an active role in reducing High Blood Pressure. Try Making a Red Spark Energy Juice.
  9. Premenstrual Syndrome: PMS occurs anywhere from one to two weeks before the onset of a women’s menstrual cycle, bringing with it food cravings, mood swings, bloating, constipation and fatigue; this is due to hormone levels. Daily juicing can help regulate these hormones. It is recommended to juice fruits and vegetables like Watercress, Seaweed, Turnip Greens, Sweet Red Peppers, Grape leaves, Carrots, Pomegranate, and Strawberries. Try Making a Carrot Apple Ginger Juice.
  10. Psoriasis: About every 28 days we experience skin cell turnover, to renew and revive the skin.  Some people have a condition known as rapid cell turnover.  This happens when new skin cells are produced every week. This rapid turnover results in cells piled up on one another without any natural shedding, this is commonly referred to as Psoriasis. This can be helped by reducing inflammation. Some of the suggested ways to go about this are to juice Parsley, Green Peppers, Spinach, Carrots, Tangerines, Blackberries, and Bananas. Try Making a Citrus Dream.

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